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Monthly Theme

Be Indian, Feel Indian. ...
This month’s theme is all about recognizing yourself as an Indian and your duties about being a...



Monthly Theme

Be Indian, Feel Indian. This month’s theme is all about recognizing yourself as an Indian and your duties about being a good citizen of your country

This month’s theme is all about recognizing yourself as an Indian and your duties about being a good citizen of your country. It’s time we realize our role as an Indian citizen so that no one question’s our nationality and we are treated as equal as any other Indian.

We always take our country’s democracy for granted and always disrespect it in many ways; our reputation of being an Indian isn’t at all good within our country as well as outside our country. We have never given neither our country men nor any outsider an opportunity to have a good thought about us. Ever wondered, what is the first thought that comes in people’s mind when they hear the word INDIA? “Garbage”, “Pollution”, “Rude”, “Uneducated” and “Uncivilized” are some of the adjectives that are thought about us. We alone and solely are responsible for such an image of our country as the list of what our country has given us is endless but the question is “What have we given to our country?

So this month we will realize, accept and implement the right ethics of being a good Indian citizen and make our country proud.

In order to be a good citizen we need to keep on practicing the right ethics of being a good citizen which has to be practised in this month and has to be implemented in our day to day life. We will be following the “Do’s” (things to be done) & “Don’ts” (things not to be done) list which will help us keep a list of our wrong doings. 1

The Do’s List :

  • Be patriotic

    You should have a deep sense of patriotism in your heart to become a good citizen. Every country has negative points irrespective of that never think negative or any less about India; it still has given you way lot more than what you have given to it.

  • Cleanliness

    Do we ever litter, spit or throw garbage in our own home? No, we don’t. Isn’t our country our home? Yes, it is. Then why do we litter and make it ugly, smelly and hazardous to our health.

    What we will do to change :
    This month we will practise not to litter any waste outside, either we will find the nearest dustbin and in case you don’t find one we will keep the waste with us and use our home dustbin. Also we will stop if someone else is littering around.

  • Follow the Traffic Rules

    We sit patiently for 3-4 hrs during a reception ceremony till the last or while watching a game or a movie. Then why can’t we wait for a few more seconds when the traffic signal is RED?

    What we will do to change :
    We will wait patiently till the traffic signal is totally green, we will not cross the Zebra line, we will not go in no-entry zones, we will wear our seat belts and helmets, and we will give way to other vehicles first at any crossings.

  • Helping Hand

    Did the Almighty create us with stones in our chests? No, he didn’t. So why can’t we be a little kind & be a helping hand to those who are in need of help.

    What we will do to change :
    We will help anyone & everyone out there requesting for our help, we will guide them with right directions, we will help old aged, women & children to cross roads, we will help anyone with heavy luggage till the maximum point we can.

The DON’T’S list :

  • Be Rude

    Are we ever rude to our spouses, children or parents? Then why do we take out our frustration and why are we rude to people out on the streets like policemen, bus conductors, beggars, pedestrians or shop keepers etc.

    What we will do to change :
    We will be soft spoken to everyone with an understanding that the other person is also human, works hard, is frustrated in some or the other way and needs love with affection. We will be kind, gentle & humble to everyone we meet known or unknown.

  • Be Argumentative

    There is a very thin difference between having an opinion and being argumentative. Having an opinion involves having respect for the other person & giving him equal opportunity to keep his point & understanding his point of view & keeping your own in a polite way. Arguments involve not wanting to listen & not letting the other person speak and not respecting his opinions.

    What we will do to change :
    We will respect the speaker, we will let him say his opinion, we will try to understand and accept his point of view, and we will not interrupt when the other person is speaking.

  • Be Uncivilized

    Would we like it if someone pushed us to go ahead, or if someone broke the line? Then why do we behave in such an uncivilized manner.

    What we will do to change :
    We will follow the que/line whether be it a bus stop, railway ticket line, taxi stand, government office or any business or non-business que which requires us to behave civilized, we will give way to other people first if possible.

  • Be Uncourteous

    Would you like it if anyone was uncourteous towards your wife, parents, sisters or grandparents? Then why are you uncourteous towards theirs.

    What we will do to change :
    We will give way for women, children & old aged people, we will offer them seats whether in bus or train or any business/non-business office, we will help them in any manner we can.